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Our Curriculum

Teaching Methods

We provide guidance and assistance to children by developing their fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills and their social and emotional skills; in effort to build and positive self-esteem. In addition, we teach in both small and large groups to maximize children's learning potential. We offer scheduled play, free play and quiet and active play areas. In addition, we also offer introductory assessments to assist children with preparation for Kindergarten.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms have been carefully designed to meet three objectives: First to appeal to the child's interest by learning and experiencing new things through play. Second, we choose toys/games, equipment and books to work as helpful aids for educating young minds. Third, for the classroom configuration to be arranged in a format that meets the needs of the children and is setup in a balanced manner (i.e. quiet area is furthest from the most active areas).
Contact us in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, for additional information about our day care center’s carefully planned curriculum.